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Lisa M. Lucero

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Night Shadow


Jesse Taylor, a journalist at The Salem News, finds himself in the center of a crime wave committed by an evil witch coven called The Night Shadow Circle. The coven is responsible for the recent disappearances and deaths in the dark woods of Salem, Massachusetts. His life is threatened when he experiences unexplained events at his home and when a chilling message written in blood is left for him.

Each night he is bewitched by a beautiful face in his dreams. At first, he is drawn to her beauty, but things take a dark turn when she transforms into a ghastly evil figure. Taylor refuses to believe any of it is real, but one day as he is doing yard work, he sees a beautiful woman who resembles the one in his dreams. He wonders if it is all coincidental or if it is a warning. Could she be an evil witch, too, who is about to cast a spell on him.
Night Shadow is a magical tale of mystery, love, horror, and betrayal. This haunting story will make you want to watch your step while walking through the murky air and under the pale moonlight. You never know what is creeping about. It will put you in a spell.

Dr. Fritz Camargo is at it again! Camargo is among a team of scientists who recreates the Death Firms — monsters that are part human, part animal, and part robotic. Their original use was for military purposes, but Camargo has evil intentions. With the ability to transform the monster back into its human form, they can stay hidden in the public. It’s not long before the Death Firms are running loose with intent to kill and destroy.
Camargo is seeking revenge on Winter Harris, who stud
ied the original Death Firm’s behavior patterns and figured out a way to kill them all. But Harris won’t go down without a fight. He contacts an old comrade, Lt. Col. Lee Alderson, who has a few battle tricks up his sleeve to resist the Death Firm’s attacks. “We can’t let ourselves get too scared,” Alderson said. “They can sense fear or any kind of weakness.” With a winning combination of action, romance, and intrigue, The Re-creation of the Death Firm will leave you clinging to the edge of your seat. You may even feel the need to take cover when the bullets fly and the explosions ignite.

The Re-Creation of the Death Firm

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The Death Firm

A military experiment gone wrong has the people of Arizona running for their lives. A team of scientists create an army of Death Firms that will be used for combat and to protect the U.S. border. Regrettably, the scientists underestimated the power of the Death Firm, which manage to escape the military compound eating any living thing along the way. It is up to one man in Tucson to study the Death Firms behavioral patterns and what makes them tick to help the military come up with a solution for killing them. The Death Firm is a spine-tingling, science fiction action thriller that will draw in readers with its twists and blood-curdling scenes. Once the Death Firm breaks loose, frightening discoveries will be made and lives will be put in jeopardy. When the military holds a meeting to recruit civilian volunteers to fight the Death Firm, people sat in silence. One man sprang from his chair as if he sat on a tack. “What can we do to help?”


Waves Crashing


A mysterious gentleman with a dark past and a beautiful, successful oceanographer will cross paths in the city of Portland, Maine. Their relationship will take a turn for the worse after oceanographer Corona Bowser discovers the broodingly handsome Andrew Harkins' evil secret. Her life is at stake when Andrew reveals his true nature to her and threatens to kill her. Andrew escapes the police and is on the run. Corona has to lay low for awhile until Andrew is captured. She meets Andrew's brother who at first doesn't believe her story, then later finds himself fond of Corona. Corona isn't sure she can trust him.

Night Shadow Book Cover Amazon.jpg
Reading with Coffee
Reading with Coffee


Thanks for visiting my website. This is not only a place to purchase my novels, but also a place to enter my literary world and find out what's happening with me. I am truly appreciative of my readers and am dedicated to providing the best content that I can provide.  

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