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New Novel "The Death Firm" Offers Thrills and Chills

I have recently completed a draft of my second novel, "The Death Firm." It will be the first ever Sci-Fi novel that I have written. Copyediting will start next week. The book should be out by the end of this year or sometime next year.

The story takes place in Tucson, Arizona, where a military experiment goes wrong. A team of scientists create an army of Death Firm (Destructive Experiment Animal instincts Transformational Hybrid) (Fighting Intelligent Robotic Man eaters) that will be used for combat and to protect the U.S. border. Unfortunately, the scientists and the military underestimated the power of the Death Fir, which manages to escape the military compound killing and eating any living thing along the way.

Thousands of Death Firms are now on the loose and have spread across the U.S. To protect U.S. citizens, the military have created safe zones in every state. The safe zone are bordered by huge concrete walls and are guarded by soldiers and law enforcement. Every individual is responsible for protecting their household, because law enforcement and soldiers are too busy keeping the Death Firm out of the safe zones. They are required to store enough weaponry and ammunition in their homes. Unfortunately, a few Death Firms will creep into the safe zones ever once and a while.

Food rationing has been enforced by the government because of the shortage of food. Each week the government hands out food to the survivors. Citizens are also required to attend town meetings to hear reports on the battle against the Death Firm, and how many officers and soldiers are left.

One man at one of the meetings, named Winter Harris, volunteers to study the behavioral patterns of the Death Firm. His mission is to find out what riles up the Death Firm, how it attacks, and what causes it to transform into its beastly form.

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