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More Thrills and Chills included in Latest Novel

The Re-Creation of the Death Firm is now available to purchase on The Sci-Fi thriller is the sequel to my first novel, The Death Firm. Just when the residents of Tucson, Arizona, feel like it is safe to resume with their daily lives, Dr. Fritz Camargo, one of the original creators of the Death Firms, creates a more sophisticated kind of Death Firm to unleash into world.

The Death Firms purpose was to protect the borders of the United States and to fight in combat for the U.S. military. The military experiment was a failure after the Death Firms had escaped the compound and attacked and ate anything living in their way. U.S. citizens had to live in safety zones, protect their properties, and obey protocols while the Death Firms ran savage throughout many states.

Camargo seeks revenge on Winter Harris, who studied the original Death Firms and figured out a way to destroy them. Harris will have to face Camargo and try to convince him to bring them back and kill them. Once again, the United States will have to rely on Harris and the U.S. Army to put a stop to the Death Firms.

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