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How I Got My Start as a Writer

As a little girl, I had quite the imagination. I loved to play make believe and I had the tendency to daydream. I loved it when people read to me as well.

Before I even started writing, I was quite the storyteller verbally. However, getting the words on paper was somewhat of a challenge. You see, dyslexia held me back some in English and the language arts.

Teachers noticed that I would write some of my letters backwards. I also couldn't read or write like the other kids. I even was sent to a speech class, because I obviously wasn't up to par with my oral skills. Reading comprehension also wasn't my forte. All of this was a challenge for me for several years.

I learned how to read through the use of phonics. I had to reread paragraphs to grasp the meaning. I gradually mastered my writing skills.

Once I started reading, it opened me to a whole other world. Because of my imagination, I had no problems putting the words I read into pictures in my mind. I absolutely loved it. The stories seem to come to life. It wasn't long after that I started to improve my spelling skills, I caught up with the other kids in reading, and I soon started to blossom into a talented writer.

Teachers started to notice my writing ability and encouraged me to pursue a career in writing.

I decided to start writing poetry, writing in a journal, writing short stories, and the start of Waves Crashing.

I'm living proof that if one discovers they have a talent, sets goals, practices their craft, and works really hard, they can achieve anything.

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