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Waves Crashing

Waves Crashing is a romance-suspense tale with unexpected twists. Hearts will be taken on a roller coaster as the main character Corona Bowser loses her lover, then finds herself swept off her feet by a mysterious stranger named Andrew Harkins whom she meets during a family outing. Her entire world is turned upside down when the alluring, handsome architect catches her eye. But what she doesn’t know may hurt her. Andrew is traumatized by the disappearance of his parents. Corona feels sympathy for Andrew and wants to help him, yet she becomes startled by a surprising confession and is in immediate danger. And just like that love comes crashing down like a set of waves.

When Corona later meets Andrew’s brother, Anthony, they slowly develop a relationship. Corona isn’t sure if she can trust him. Could he have a startling dark past too?

The Death Firm


Librarian Winter Harris’ life is completely changed when he volunteers to do research on the Death Firms, a monster that is part human, part animal, and part robot. The Death Firms were created by the military to use for border control and self-defense. The experiment went wrong when the Death Firms broke loose and started eating everyone in its path. It is all up to Harris to figure out a solution for fighting and killing the Death Firms.

The Re-Creation of the Death Firm

The Death Firms have been recreated and are out for more blood. Dr. Fritz Camargo, one of the creators of the original Death Firms, is back and seeks revenge on Librarian Winter Harris and the United States Army for killing the first batch of Death Firms. Will he succeed with the new Death Firms that he and a few other scientists had created, or will Harris find a way to kill the newly advanced Death Firms?

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